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Original 10inch (4pack) Silver (H10SIL - 765)

Hogy Original Soft Baits: With a fast taper down to a tail that kicks and swims with irresistible, lifelike action; natural scale finish and innovative rigging slot, each feature of the Hogy Original has been meticulously thought out.

Hogy Plastic: We hand pour each bait using only the best soft plastic. Our proprietary formula contains no fillers or heat stabilizers that make other soft plastic lures smelly and brittle. The result: Hogy soft plastic baits are the softest, best swimming - and toughest! - soft plastic lures on the market.

MSRP $8.99

Tarpon rolling everywhere. I usually fish topwater plugs for TARPON, but that day, the fish were very lazy and only produced some slow strikes. Time for the HOGY. No weight, tandom rigged, and worked slowly just under the surface. IT WAS ON!!!! Worked like a charm and had a blast with numerous jumps and one landed. Added a nice redfish during the chaos as well.

I fish with Aaron Snell in Key West sometimes and I had a rough rough spring. Was getting 20 bites a day on Hogy

On the same cast, tarpon hit a 10 inch bubblegum colored hogy with tandem rig fought him for like 10 minutes he spit out the hogy then as I'm reeling it back in for another cast, get a hit from a snook and brought him in.

My favorite story was in the late fall of 2007 when we had sand eels on the NJ coast. Nobody was hooking up on the cold December day, but I had good action throwing the 10" as far as I could and ripping it off the bar and over the trough....Bam! Its always nice to catch when the fishing is tough and others are struggling, lol!

I started fishing with Hogy plastics this spring with renewed interest when fishing for striped bass. I soon discovered that I could effectively fish the entire water column depending upon how I rigged the bait (jig head or just a hook) and my success rate shot up. Early spring schoolies were mesmerized by the bait and I had a ball catching and releasing them. As the spring run became more pronounced and the fish larger the success rate not only stayed the same but improved! One evening in May while casting from shore using a Hogy plastic on a 3/8 oz. jig head I caught and released 5 keeper bass with the smallest one being 32", with 3 of the 5 being on successive casts! Several fishermen nearby using top water plugs, flies, etc. watched in amazement as cast after cast resulted in big fish with the Hogy bait and inquired as to what I was using. I think a few more Hogy customers were a result when they saw what I was using!

I was Bass fishing in December in a pond that was not completely frozen yet. And as you may know, Bass only come after something that is going to be worth their energy in the winter, so I rigged up a 10inch Chartreuse Hogy. Nothing for the first half hour, then just when I was going to five up I felt a little bit of a bite... very light, I yanked back set the hook and pulled out a 5lb. Large mouth... man that was awesome, Thanks Hogy

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